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Recruitment is an art in which only one thing matters - people.

Dialogue, skills, enthusiasm, personality and a critical eye are essential in our work. That is why we focus not only on the resume, but also on the performance and personal qualities of the candidate. Human values and dreams are important to us, and numbers are just a nice addition.


We are proud to have helped more than 1,000 candidates find jobs. Our candidates were able to improve their career path and find a job according to their needs with the best conditions.

You need to write to us at and attach your resume. It will be great if you write a short cover letter in which you tell in which area you would like to develop, what you do best, and what kind of dream job you would like to get.

Our services are paid for by companies, we work with candidates free of charge.

Nothing. But we always ask our candidates to prepare in advance: read about our company (or a partner company), sleep well, dress neatly and not be late.

Everything is very individual. From one day to six months.